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We provide sustainable natural alternatives to single use plastics that are 100 % biodegradable and compostable like drinking straws, cutlery while reducing the 85 % unemployment rate by supporting and employing rural women farmers.

We are inspired by the past and future – when we go back to our roots and make use of natural resources like the Luseke Grass, that our ancestors used.

THE PROBLEM: Now more than ever, global plastic pollution is at an all time high. Plastic is now in our oceans, our lakes, our forests and even our food. There is a greater need for global collaboration to ensure the earth does not become barren because of plastic.

THE SOLUTION: In order to do what we can to keep the world safe from plastic, we provide natural and sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. We are tackling the plastic challenge from the root of the problem: production. All our products are grown from local plants, harvested and crafted by local women farmers.

Our straws are made from wild Luseke Grass that is hollow naturally and not chemically altered.

The Straws are harvested by women in local areas by hand. They are then cut, cleaned, dried and disinfected by use of boiling water. No chemicals are used in the process, keeping our straws 100% organic.

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